Alchemy of Happiness

The first blog that I would like to post is about the recent book we both (Junaid and Brandy S.) read ” Alchemy of Happiness” written by famous Muslim scholar, theologian, mystic, and philosopher Al Ghazali. This famous work gives the answer to the question we all are seeking. It talks about eternal happiness. Al Ghazali, explains this in context of his religious believes and knowledge. That I must say was very profound. He said that the gate way to happiness is knowledge. Which he divides into four segments. 1) Knowledge of Yourself 2) Knowledge of God 3) Knowledge of this world 4) Knowledge of the next world. In short, according to Al-Ghazali knowing yourself in relation to God, knowing that this worldly life is temporary, and the next world is permanent are the keys to happiness.

In my opinion this book is perfectly aligned by the true spirit of Islam, I choose to read this book for my Philosophy class, but i ended up knowing a lot of things about my own faith, which i never realized i should look into, for example, when is music and dancing permissible in Islam. Al-Ghazali was a sufi and Sufism is a slightly different path from the orthodox practices of Islam. I am genuinely interested in Sufism, because, the main thing it promotes is the love of God, not only through worship, but also through the love of people. In the world we live in we need tons and tons of love, and Sufism is an answer to many of our problems.

Junaid Syed


One thought on “Alchemy of Happiness

  1. I’m not a religious person, but i do find value in the teachings and practices of most religions. To me it is less about the physicalities and gods, and more about the attitude towards life and others that these religions teach. I believe that even as someone who is not interested in religion, i could still learn much about myself and the world around me from this book.

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